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Bullet journal: A peek into my week, 6/7 – 6/14

peek into my week

I had the idea that I should start sharing weekly spreads, both to give inspiration and because I know I love looking at what sort of things people did or planned each day. It probably won’t be every week, but I’ll try to do this at least a couple of times each month.


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Bullet journal: Information I include.

Key (also called a legend)

In the very front of my notebook, just after you open the cover, I have a small piece of paper with the symbols I use. As time passes, I look at the sheet less and eventually don’t need it at all anymore, but I still consider it an important addition. Just because I know what all the symbols mean now doesn’t mean I’ll remember when I eventually go back to read my old bullet journals.


Probably the most important feature for me. Since a bullet journal is more than a daily planner, the index helps me keep track of other things I included, such as lists or notes.

Birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, and holidays

Simply dubbed “dates to remember” in my index. I don’t keep track of every American holiday, just the ones I feel are important or that don’t always fall on the same date.


Calendar + index. This is how I keep track of future planning.

Monthly overview & to-do list

At the start of each month, I have a page to keep track of anything happening that month, plus a page for a general “brain dump” of things I want to try to do.

For the past few months, instead of a mostly-unused list for a monthly overview, I’ve been using a small calendar. I’ll make simple notes and use little symbols to keep track or remind myself of certain things. For example, I use the same symbols that I use on my “dates to remember” page so I’ll know to flip back to that page to see what’s going on, I keep track of my Duolingo progress (which I restarted this month), and I use it to remind myself of my city’s trash day (which I didn’t need to remind myself of before, but here, trash day is two days earlier than Los Angeles).

Habit tracking

This is where I keep track of things I want to make a regular habit, things I’m trying to cut back on or stop, or things I just want to know “How often do I do this?”

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Time tracking

As I mentioned in a previous entry, this is something new I’m trying. For this month, I added more colors, though I can’t make up my mind yet if I enjoy all the colors or if it’s overwhelming.

Daily pages

Some people call these their “dailies,” though I don’t care for that word. This is where you start keeping track of each day. Some people only write down their to-list for the day, and then there’s those of us who keep track of practically everything that happened for the day. I have my to-do list that normally gets added as I think of things, important notes or things I think I’d want to remember, and I also keep track of where I went for the day.

Other information I add into my bullet journal:

  • Bucket list
  • Goals for the year
  • Social media passwords
  • Blog entry ideas
  • Reading challenges
  • Notes about my health

Bullet journal: Tracking time & habits.

I’ve been testing out two new things this month: a new layout for habit tracking, and a time tracker which is a brand new addition for me.

I love tracking things, but lumping everything into one list can make it boring or overwhelming. Taking inspiration from a few people, I decided to break up my habits into sections and track them that way. I’ve been loving it! It’s so much easier to be able to quickly go to a section instead of needing to go through the entire list because I forgot where I’d put “read” or “practice French.”

It also helps that I’m using new pens, new supplies always help make things even better. I’m using the Paper Mate Flair, Medium Felt Tip Pen 12-pack*.

* The following are affiliate links. This means that I may receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided.

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As for tracking how I spend my day, I had always wanted to try it out but felt overwhelmed by it, until I realized I could start off with a few colors instead of immediately trying to color code my entire day. Some people like to do this in order to find out how much time they waste doing particular things (watching television, internet, etc) or because they have a particular goal they want to achieve. For me, it’s the latter. I have a daily goal to spend at least an hour doing something for my blog, whether it’s writing/editing an entry, social media stuff, planning things, etc. So for my time tracker, I decided all I really want to track right now is sleep and blog stuff. Blue is for sleep, purple is for blog stuff, and green is for everything else. If I still like this idea by the end of the month, in June I’ll add more colors. Maybe I’ll decide to track how much time I spend watching Netflix and how much time I spend being creative.

I’ve created a new Instagram account to post about all this stuff, I decided it’s best to have a separate account for bullet journal stuff and any handwritten stuff in general, for those who want to get inspiration from me without having to deal with personal photos too. If you’d like to follow that account, click below!


Bullet journal: How my date header has changed.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve experimented with a lot of little changes and hacks to make the BuJo system work for me. One of which is how I write the date for my daily pages, also known as a header. I started off simple, then over time added some daily info I thought I’d want to track, and eventually decided most of it wasn’t something I’d care to look back on in the future. I’ve gone back to super simple, but might bring back the weather icons since it’s fun tracking Montana weather. I know eventually I’ll change it up again, I’ll probably go back to the stamps yet again because even though it can be such a hassle trying to line them up properly, I do enjoy how it looks. Since I like looking for header inspiration, here’s all the changes I’ve made, oldest to newest:

bujo headers

EDIT: Thanks to a friend playfully teasing me, I was reminded that I’d intended to explain the water intake on November 12th. Each drop represents the mason jar I started using instead of a regular glass, which holds approximately 24 oz. I figured tracking it like that would be easier than coloring in at least two full squares every time I finished a glass/jar of water.

Bullet journal: Why I’ve been so inactive.


I’ve been in pretty bad shape since December, and have been going to so many doctor appointments I decided to keep track of them. I assumed I’d badly injured myself after shoveling snow, but I think the truth is something had already been wrong and it made itself known after I pulled a bunch of muscles. I’ve stumped four doctors so far, neither of them know what’s wrong but one of them was able to tell me the main problem is my lymphatic system stopped draining properly. So far that’s the closest anyone’s come to finding a diagnosis despite constant testing.

Thanks to a friend making a suggestion based on her own health problems, I called in a request to be tested for lyme disease, and have the number of yet another local doctor who might be able to help. I’m still waiting on those results, but I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to stop updating this list so frequently.

Bullet journal: The supplies I use

Researching bullet journaling can be pretty overwhelming, some people use a LOT of supplies and it’s easy to be sucked in and assume you need all of it too. Stamps, washi tape, page flags, dozens of multiple kinds of pens in every color (ballpoint, felt tip, gel, erasable, etc), highlighters, stickers, multiple notebooks… The possibilities! Your planner will be color coded and you’ll have mood stickers for each day and you’ll track how much water you drink and how many steps you take and you’ll fill all the white space with tiny drawings and notes about your day and you’ll be the most organized ever because you’ll write everything down.

Except you probably won’t write everything down because you got too caught up in accessories and you spend your time decorating your planner instead of actually keeping track of plans. You’ll burn yourself out and all those supplies will be shoved into a drawer, eventually forgotten.

Just grab a notebook and writing implement, worry about decorating later. If you stick with it, you’ll experiment as you go and eventually decide what you want out of a planner. Maybe you’ll realize you really do want pages full of stickers and doodles, maybe you’ll realize you’re fine with a plain black pen and enjoy the negative space.

I’ve made a list of the supplies I currently use. I also use a date stamp, I forgot to add that. This list is minimalistic enough that I feel it’s a good recommendation to someone who wants to start bullet journaling.


This post contains affiliate links. In plain English, this means that I may receive a small commission (at no cost to you) if you purchase something through the links provided.

Notebook: Peter Pauper Press Essentials graph notebook
Pens: BIC Atlantis Exact (Fine point), Sharpie Pen (Assorted Colors), Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
Tabs: small repositionable Post-it tabs
Misc: Westcott 6-inch Stainless Steel Ruler, Tombow Correction Tape, Mini Paper Clips by Tim Holtz Idea-ology