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Hello, again! Time for a fresh start.

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I first started this website in August 2011 after learning about lifestyle blogging. I could stop trying to force myself into some random niche just so I could keep a blog. I only knew about photography blogs, craft blogs, fashion, food, and “mommy blogs.” I’d had previous attempts of two failed daily photo blogs that only lasted about four months each, but I just couldn’t find my groove, everything felt like a chore. Lifestyle blogging was the answer. I could write entries about whatever I wanted and toss in the occasional craft post or photography post. It went strong for a while and on-and-off for a while longer, but now after almost a year long hiatus, I’ve decided to start over. There were too many entries on this blog I’d never been happy with, too many months trying to stick to a schedule where I posted a few good entries and a lot of crappy ones just so there was content. I want to stop doing that.

I’ve gone through all my entries and deleted the ones I didn’t like, and made the rest private. I intend to start blogging regularly again, new posts along with reposting some old ones. I apologize if you’ve come to this blog from a search term referral that led to a 404 page. My most popular entries will all be back eventually, but for the moment, I want to stop obsessing over numbers and put that energy into better content.

The reason this blog was on hiatus is because my parents and I have just moved from Los Angeles to Montana. Naturally I’ll be blogging all about that experience as well as life in Montana so far. You can also expect to see posts about my new obsession, bullet journaling. And of course, crafting and photography. I’m not going to start back up just yet, I’d like to try that whole “writing in advance” thing and as of now, I have exactly zero blog entries written. But for now, I wanted to give an explanation and share my plans.