Hi! I’m Heather. I’m a 33-year-old originally from Los Angeles, but as of May 2015 I now live in Montana with my parents. It’s been as big of a change as it sounds, for multiple reasons. My poor blog ended up on the backburner until life stopped spinning quite so fast, so in December 2015 I decided to start my blog over.

Previously, this blog was strictly a lifestyle blog where I shared stories about my life, mostly memories from my childhood & teenage years as well as interesting or goofy things that had happened more recently.

I’m still going to share stories and random thoughts, along with crafting and DIY projects. More you can expect from JustSomeBroad v2.0: all about moving 1,300 miles from my childhood home, what it’s like living in Montana (with pictures, of course), and my new passion: bullet journaling.

The title Just Some Broad comes from a tagline I made up about myself to poke fun at a few people who used to harrass me on YouTube and Twitter, telling me I talk too much. I started referring to myself as “just some broad who won’t shut up.”

I wouldn’t say I talk too much, but I do talk a lot. I also brush my hair over the sink and double-dip my fries, and I usually need a couple of minutes to stop laughing at my own joke so I can tell you what’s so funny. And sometimes I realize those moments are worth sharing, so, welcome to my blog!

(That’s a Watterson-esque drawing I did of myself dressed as a dinosaur, attacking a city made of wooden blocks. I don’t own a dinosaur costume yet, but I do have a pretty awesome pirate costume.)

Here are some of my favorite posts:

[This list under construction.]