“Do one thing every day that scares you.” — Eleanor Roosevelt

ferris wheel

Back in August 2011, Mom and I went to the Orange County Fair. I’d never been before, and Mom hadn’t been in years. She was really excited to see the animals, especially the piglets. We also saw the gigantic horse and steer, followed by looking at pygmy goats which were adorable and just hilarious to see after looking at two animals that each weigh around 3,000 lbs. There were also regular-sized goats, chickens, rabbits, llamas, and a few others I’m forgetting. Despite the heat and my getting sunburned, we had a blast!

Every year, the fair has a weekly deal where if you donate a particular thing — books, clothing, canned goods, etc — then you get in free, and the ticket gives you access to one free ride. Since we took part in the deal and could go on a ride for free, mom and I started looking around for one we’d want to go on. I’d expressed interest in the giant ferris wheel, but I’m deathly afraid of heights so part of me was hoping we could find something fun that wasn’t so far up in the sky.

Unfortunately, most of the rides are really high or the kind that spin you around and around (or both), and mom suffers from motion sickness so I wanted to be able to find a ride we could both enjoy. After jokingly pointing out all the stomach-churning rides and half-heartedly contemplating a couple of the kiddie rides, I finally decided to conquer my fear (for the day, anyway) and go on the ferris wheel.

The sign says it’s approximately 150 feet tall, and standing on the ground staring up at the top with a fear of heights makes you feel like it goes all the way to outer space. I knew if I didn’t go on it, I’d regret my decision and probably sulk. I didn’t want to sulk, I wanted to be able to walk away saying “I did that!”

I did it. And I’m so glad I didn’t chicken out. I was 150 feet in the air and wasn’t even scared, the anticipation on the ground was a million times worse than actually being on the ride. We definitely did not reach outer space, 150 feet doesn’t look so high when you’re up there and not freaking out like you had been two minutes prior.

Being at the top of that ride with my mom sitting there with me has been one of the greatest feelings of my life so far. Even the annoying teenagers in the passenger car next to us didn’t bother me, the boys were stomping and causing it to sway to scare their girlfriends. The best part is mom enjoyed the ride too, I was so worried the swaying would upset her stomach but it was so smooth we barely felt it. The whole day was fun, but going on that ride was an incredible experience. I felt so free.

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  1. But. Rollercoasters! Wooden ones sound nice in theory, but tend to rattle so much your tummy will feel it. Steel ones tend to have a smoother ride.

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