Moving from Los Angeles to Montana. (Part 7 – Things I don’t miss because they’re here too.)

I did an entry listing things I miss about California, I also did an entry listing things I don’t miss. So here’s a list of things I don’t miss about California because Montana has them as well.


Sort of. Los Angeles is pretty much a sea of traffic, billboards, and tall buildings. Here in western Montana, especially small cities like this one, there are minimal billboards to avoid blocking the view of the sky.

retna billboard

Seagulls & pigeons

It’s almost weird seeing seagulls here, I only saw them near the ocean, but they’re around Flathead Lake as well. Pigeons aren’t actually in my city, I think the hawks eat them all, but I see them in much bigger cities.



Farmer’s Markets

Sort of. The one here in town should really be called a craft fair, I’ve yet to see any actual food being sold, it’s more of an outdoor Etsy.


Not in this city, but there’s plenty of people begging for change in Kalispell and Missoula. Usually claiming they need gas money or they’re a veteran in need, and it’s impossible to know who’s telling the truth.


Not that I’d ever miss those.

“Was that fireworks or gunshots?”

I now live in an open-carry state where fireworks are legal, so we play this game a lot.

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