Moving from Los Angeles to Montana. (Part 6 – Things I don’t miss about California.)

Tangles of powerlines.

This was always one of the things I hated most about L.A, all the cords overlapping. There are just so many. Now I live in a place without such a need for them, and a lot are underground anyway. I live at the top of a hill where the powerlines are underground, so I have an unobstructed view of Flathead Lake and most of the city itself.

The air quality.

I don’t need to expand on this, do I?


The traffic.

I can’t imagine anyone who’s moved away misses the 405, or the way so many people don’t seem to know what a turn signal is, or the lack of compassion for anybody’s safety when quickly changing lanes.

Los Angeles Freeway Congestion

Los Angeles Freeway Congestion

In-N-Out Burger.

I don’t understand the hype! The burgers are nothing special and the fries are just god-awful. Terrible. Probably the worst I’ve ever had. I’m glad I can finally stop hearing about the place.


Forgetting which area code a phone number is in.

Los Angeles has four area codes. Four. In one single city. The state of California has almost three dozen area codes. It’s like, every couple of years some dude decides he doesn’t want the same area code as his enemy two blocks away, and bam, they get split into a new code. The entire state of Montana is only one dang area code. Granted, the entire state of Montana has about a fourth of the population as Los Angeles, but still.


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