Bullet journal: Information I include.

Key (also called a legend)

In the very front of my notebook, just after you open the cover, I have a small piece of paper with the symbols I use. As time passes, I look at the sheet less and eventually don’t need it at all anymore, but I still consider it an important addition. Just because I know what all the symbols mean now doesn’t mean I’ll remember when I eventually go back to read my old bullet journals.


Probably the most important feature for me. Since a bullet journal is more than a daily planner, the index helps me keep track of other things I included, such as lists or notes.

Birthdays, deaths, anniversaries, and holidays

Simply dubbed “dates to remember” in my index. I don’t keep track of every American holiday, just the ones I feel are important or that don’t always fall on the same date.


Calendar + index. This is how I keep track of future planning.

Monthly overview & to-do list

At the start of each month, I have a page to keep track of anything happening that month, plus a page for a general “brain dump” of things I want to try to do.

For the past few months, instead of a mostly-unused list for a monthly overview, I’ve been using a small calendar. I’ll make simple notes and use little symbols to keep track or remind myself of certain things. For example, I use the same symbols that I use on my “dates to remember” page so I’ll know to flip back to that page to see what’s going on, I keep track of my Duolingo progress (which I restarted this month), and I use it to remind myself of my city’s trash day (which I didn’t need to remind myself of before, but here, trash day is two days earlier than Los Angeles).

Habit tracking

This is where I keep track of things I want to make a regular habit, things I’m trying to cut back on or stop, or things I just want to know “How often do I do this?”

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Time tracking

As I mentioned in a previous entry, this is something new I’m trying. For this month, I added more colors, though I can’t make up my mind yet if I enjoy all the colors or if it’s overwhelming.

Daily pages

Some people call these their “dailies,” though I don’t care for that word. This is where you start keeping track of each day. Some people only write down their to-list for the day, and then there’s those of us who keep track of practically everything that happened for the day. I have my to-do list that normally gets added as I think of things, important notes or things I think I’d want to remember, and I also keep track of where I went for the day.

Other information I add into my bullet journal:

  • Bucket list
  • Goals for the year
  • Social media passwords
  • Blog entry ideas
  • Reading challenges
  • Notes about my health

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  1. People think I have a lot of dedication. I do downplay myself, but yeah, way more dedication than I can afford. Awesome stuff. YOU GET A MERIT BADGE.

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