Thank you for the funny memories, Bubby.


My paternal grandmother passed away yesterday at the age of 87. I’ve been trying to decide if I want to write one entry full of memories to honor her, or a few entries as a series. I’m still trying to decide, but for now, here’s one memory to share.

Almost every year for my birthday, my grandmother would send me a card and check in the mail. Ten years ago I started keeping them, she’d started sending some really adorable cards and I just couldn’t throw them out. They’re probably meant for children, but I don’t care. They have cutouts and die-cut pieces and rhinestones and I just loved receiving them, I looked forward to it every year. Now that she’s gone, I’m so glad I’d started keeping the cards.

When I was a child, I’d call her to thank her, saying “Thank you for the check” and she’d ask if I liked the card. As an adult, I’d call to say “Thank you for the adorable card” and she’d ask if I got the check. I know it’s because she wants to make sure the check wasn’t stolen, but the change amused me for years. I used to only be grateful for the money, now I’m usually too excited about the card to remember to thank her for the money too.

I’ll miss getting them in the mail with her handwriting, but maybe I’ll start buying similar birthday cards for myself to keep the memory going. Rest in peace, Bubby.


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