One year in Montana.

And just like that, my parents and I have lived here a year already. I can still remember feeling like we were only here on a long vacation, it took almost half the year before we finally felt like this was our home. Unfortunately, I still don’t quite feel like I fit in, like maybe I don’t belong, but it’s coming along. What I’ve dubbed as our “Los Angeles hoity-toityness” has faded, we’re not quite the princesses we’d been. We’ve changed so much over the past year, all for the better.

There’s still a lot I miss about where I used to live, but I’m glad we moved. I needed things to change, I needed new experiences and new adventures. There’s been so many firsts for me this year. Wild deer romp through my yard, owls hoot at night, I saw the Milky Way for the first time in my life, I get to see all sorts of interesting bugs I’d only seen pictures of, eagles fly right over me on a regular basis, the sky is breathtaking almost every single day, and I even made it through the worst heatwave Montana’s had in over 80 years and my first proper winter with minimal complaining. I took a huge chance moving to a state I’d never been to before, but it worked out in my favor.

I’d started to post a bunch of photos and videos, but if you’re really curious, just go check out my Instagram. It started to become a little too difficult trying to choose my favorites, I really do love it here.

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