Bunny Stew, a scary story by Mikki Mares.

When I was a kid, I was subscribed to the now defunct Disney Adventures Magazine. It was published by The Walt Disney Company and ran from the early 90s till 2005 or so, though I’d stopped reading it in the late 90s. Like most kid’s magazines, it featured the latest young celebrities and all sorts of cool stuff, I remember liking some of the comics and it had some pretty decent articles, though of course by now I can’t really remember what all it had.

One particular issue featured a story that had won the Scary Stories Contest they’d been running, the winner was 13-year-old Mikki Mares. I’ve always loved scary stories so I wasn’t exactly scared, but this story definitely gave you the jibblies. I really wish I’d kept my copy. I went through a lot of trouble trying to find anything about it online and almost gave up, then I did manage to find a scan of the story. Unfortunately, whoever scanned it did a really lousy job so it’s crooked and small, so I kept trying in hopes of finding a better scan so I could blog about it.

I finally found a blog on Tumblr called DAmailbox, they’ve collected the entire series. I contacted them to ask if they have the Bunny Stew issue and luckily they do! The very first page containing the introduction to the story was missing, but the story itself was there, which is most important to me. So now I’m able to share it!

This story was in the November 1993 issue, so I was 9½ years old when I first read this.

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