Bullet journal: Tracking time & habits.

I’ve been testing out two new things this month: a new layout for habit tracking, and a time tracker which is a brand new addition for me.

I love tracking things, but lumping everything into one list can make it boring or overwhelming. Taking inspiration from a few people, I decided to break up my habits into sections and track them that way. I’ve been loving it! It’s so much easier to be able to quickly go to a section instead of needing to go through the entire list because I forgot where I’d put “read” or “practice French.”

It also helps that I’m using new pens, new supplies always help make things even better. I’m using the Paper Mate Flair, Medium Felt Tip Pen 12-pack*.

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As for tracking how I spend my day, I had always wanted to try it out but felt overwhelmed by it, until I realized I could start off with a few colors instead of immediately trying to color code my entire day. Some people like to do this in order to find out how much time they waste doing particular things (watching television, internet, etc) or because they have a particular goal they want to achieve. For me, it’s the latter. I have a daily goal to spend at least an hour doing something for my blog, whether it’s writing/editing an entry, social media stuff, planning things, etc. So for my time tracker, I decided all I really want to track right now is sleep and blog stuff. Blue is for sleep, purple is for blog stuff, and green is for everything else. If I still like this idea by the end of the month, in June I’ll add more colors. Maybe I’ll decide to track how much time I spend watching Netflix and how much time I spend being creative.

I’ve created a new Instagram account to post about all this stuff, I decided it’s best to have a separate account for bullet journal stuff and any handwritten stuff in general, for those who want to get inspiration from me without having to deal with personal photos too. If you’d like to follow that account, click below!


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  1. Holy hell, your handwriting is wankable.

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