Bullet journal: How my date header has changed.

Over the past year and a half, I’ve experimented with a lot of little changes and hacks to make the BuJo system work for me. One of which is how I write the date for my daily pages, also known as a header. I started off simple, then over time added some daily info I thought I’d want to track, and eventually decided most of it wasn’t something I’d care to look back on in the future. I’ve gone back to super simple, but might bring back the weather icons since it’s fun tracking Montana weather. I know eventually I’ll change it up again, I’ll probably go back to the stamps yet again because even though it can be such a hassle trying to line them up properly, I do enjoy how it looks. Since I like looking for header inspiration, here’s all the changes I’ve made, oldest to newest:

bujo headers

EDIT: Thanks to a friend playfully teasing me, I was reminded that I’d intended to explain the water intake on November 12th. Each drop represents the mason jar I started using instead of a regular glass, which holds approximately 24 oz. I figured tracking it like that would be easier than coloring in at least two full squares every time I finished a glass/jar of water.

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