Reliving my childhood with MS-DOS games.

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When my family got our first computer, we had a lot of MS-DOS games that I loved to play. I was recently reminiscing about one in particular called Paganitzu and wondered if I’d be able to find it online, maybe I’d be able to find an emulator or something. I discovered, a site with a whole bunch of MS-DOS games you can play in your browser, and got really excited at the idea of being able to play them again.

Paganitzu! Monster Bash! Commander Keen! Crystal Caves! Jill of the Jungle! Duke Nukem! So many game titles I recognized from my childhood. I’ve been playing some of them, and… Well, my memories lied to me. I had a blast playing these games as a kid, back when this was just how games looked. Large pixels, neon colors, 8-bit sound, something called SoundBlaster that I always had to ask my dad if I should enable… It was all practically state-of-the-art 20+ years ago and now it’s just one big headache. Those neon colors are an eyesore and the noises make me turn down the speakers. Worst of all, the games just aren’t as fun as I remembered.

Seriously, could there possibly have been any more fuschia in those games?

Paganitzu made me rage-quit, I kept running into the same stupid spider. None of the games have a working Save function, so once you close the game, you lose your progress. Jill of the Jungle doesn’t have sound because something’s not compatible with today’s fancy-schmancy stuff.

But you know what? Being able to relive my memories was still enjoyable, even if the games themselves aren’t. I do wish they had a working version of Monkey Island though, I was so disappointed to see that link doesn’t go anywhere.

Did you play any computer games as a child that you wish you could find today?

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