Bullet journal: Why I’ve been so inactive.


I’ve been in pretty bad shape since December, and have been going to so many doctor appointments I decided to keep track of them. I assumed I’d badly injured myself after shoveling snow, but I think the truth is something had already been wrong and it made itself known after I pulled a bunch of muscles. I’ve stumped four doctors so far, neither of them know what’s wrong but one of them was able to tell me the main problem is my lymphatic system stopped draining properly. So far that’s the closest anyone’s come to finding a diagnosis despite constant testing.

Thanks to a friend making a suggestion based on her own health problems, I called in a request to be tested for lyme disease, and have the number of yet another local doctor who might be able to help. I’m still waiting on those results, but I’m hoping soon I’ll be able to stop updating this list so frequently.

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