Alfred Rosenheim mansion, a.k.a the “Murder House” from American Horror Story.



When the tv show American Horror Story began, I fell in love with that gorgeous house in the first season. Eventually I discovered the house was located in Los Angeles, so I looked up the address and it turns out the house was so close to my home, it would’ve been a crime for me not to go see it.

I found this out thanks to a Facebook friend who’d shared a link with me mentioning the house was for sale, you can see that article here, it has some amazing pictures of the interior. The actual house was used to film the first episode of AHS, but the rooms were then recreated on a backlot, so the film crew was able to change a few things without actually ruining such a beautiful building.

The house was built in 1902 by Alfred Rosenheim, a Los Angeles architect who also built the Doheny mansion which is equally as beautiful as this house, his private residence. It is now considered a Historical Property. At the time, it was located barely four miles from my home. I didn’t go inside since there wasn’t an Open House, and I didn’t want to trespass, and I couldn’t take a proper photo of the front of the house since a rather large tree is hiding half of it, but you still get a general idea of just how big this 10,440-square-foot home is.

You can read a little more about the house at its official website located here, and you can read more about the architect at Wikipedia.

And by the way, the actual mansion is definitely not haunted. The name “Murder House” is the nickname for the house based on this one used in the tv show.



If you live in Los Angeles and you’d like to visit the house, the address is 1120 Westchester Place. It’s near Pico & Arlington, just west of Arlington and south of Olympic. It’s not in a gated community, but since it’s an actual home and located in a residential neighborhood, please respect the people who live there and don’t do anything crazy.

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