Bullet journal: The supplies I use

Researching bullet journaling can be pretty overwhelming, some people use a LOT of supplies and it’s easy to be sucked in and assume you need all of it too. Stamps, washi tape, page flags, dozens of multiple kinds of pens in every color (ballpoint, felt tip, gel, erasable, etc), highlighters, stickers, multiple notebooks… The possibilities! Your planner will be color coded and you’ll have mood stickers for each day and you’ll track how much water you drink and how many steps you take and you’ll fill all the white space with tiny drawings and notes about your day and you’ll be the most organized ever because you’ll write everything down.

Except you probably won’t write everything down because you got too caught up in accessories and you spend your time decorating your planner instead of actually keeping track of plans. You’ll burn yourself out and all those supplies will be shoved into a drawer, eventually forgotten.

Just grab a notebook and writing implement, worry about decorating later. If you stick with it, you’ll experiment as you go and eventually decide what you want out of a planner. Maybe you’ll realize you really do want pages full of stickers and doodles, maybe you’ll realize you’re fine with a plain black pen and enjoy the negative space.

I’ve made a list of the supplies I currently use. I also use a date stamp, I forgot to add that. This list is minimalistic enough that I feel it’s a good recommendation to someone who wants to start bullet journaling.


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Notebook: Peter Pauper Press Essentials graph notebook
Pens: BIC Atlantis Exact (Fine point), Sharpie Pen (Assorted Colors), Staedtler Triplus Fineliners
Tabs: small repositionable Post-it tabs
Misc: Westcott 6-inch Stainless Steel Ruler, Tombow Correction Tape, Mini Paper Clips by Tim Holtz Idea-ology

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  1. Those paper clips are adorable!

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