Reliving my childhood with MS-DOS games, part 2.

Back in October, I relived my childhood with actually-kinda-awful MS-DOS games from my past thanks to ClassicDOSgames. This time I’m reliving some more thanks to Internet Archive’s Software Library getting a new release of over 2,000 MS-DOS games. I also wrote about Internet Archive when I used their Wayback Machine to look at this site’s previous layouts, it’s a really handy site.

I looked through the entire list (took less time than you’d think) and only found maybe half a dozen games I want to play, so evidently I didn’t actually play very many computer games as a child. But the ones I did play, I have some really great memories of. So I was ecstatic to find The Learning Company’s Super Solvers games on this list, including Treasure Mountain and Midnight Rescue. I haven’t played these games in at least two decades, yet I still experienced a jump-scare from those dang robots popping out of nowhere in Midnight Rescue. It’s loud!

super solvers

Again, there’s not a working Save function, so you can’t save your progress. And I’d suggest turning off the music in the File menu once the game starts, it doesn’t quite work right. But other than that, it’s totally worth it.


Feeling… Sick. Really, really, really sick. I haven’t been this sick in about six years, not since I was working at the art store. Which, by the way, I recently found out is completely gone. I woke up on the 2nd with a horrid sore throat, a stuffy head and runny nose. The 3rd was spent sneezing and blowing my nose to the extent that I used up an entire box of Kleenex. On the 4th I developed a cough, yesterday the cough was worse and I had just enough laryngitis to sound like Tallulah Bankhead, and again I spent the day sneezing and blowing my nose. Today my sinuses are actually a lot better, I’ve only had to blow my nose a couple times and I don’t think I’ve sneezed once. The cough is still there, but not as bad as it had been last night, I had a couple of coughing fits. My voice has graduated from Tallulah Bankhead to Harvey Fierstein, but at least I can still talk. I’m stocked up on lozenges, throat spray, nasal spray, DayQuil, NyQuil, and even marshmallows since those also help sore throats. (Like lozenges, the sugar coats the throat.) The best part of all is I’ve accidentally given the cold to both my parents. Hopefully this goes away soon enough so I can pretend 2015 didn’t start out this way.

Instead of making New Year’s resolutions, try a bucket list.

A few years ago I started making my resolutions in a different way, I make a mini bucket list for the year full of super simple things I know I can accomplish. Things like visiting local places (the zoo, museums, etc), read xx amount of books, make a certain amount of craft projects, and things like “watch fireworks” and “visit a pumpkin patch.” So instead of adding overwhelming and rather unspecific goals like “lose weight and get healthy,” I give myself options to help get there. Walking around museums is a great way to get healthier, and a lot more fun than trying to force myself to do exercises I either can’t even do or just don’t enjoy.

And though I set goals for myself, that doesn’t mean I won’t go above my expectations. For example, I’m sure I’ll go to the library more than five times.

To give you some ideas for your own mini bucket list, here’s my bucket list for 2015:

bucket list

  • Watch 200 movies.
  • Read 25+ books.
  • Go to the zoo 10x.
  • Go to museums 10x.
  • Go to the library 5x.
  • Donate 50k grains of rice through FreeRice.
  • Take more pictures.
  • Complete 10 Day Zero tasks.
  • Start planning time capsule.
  • Take written test.
  • Reach first personal weight goal.
  • Visit the observatory.
  • Visit Olvera Street.
  • Visit the Getty.
  • Watch fireworks.
  • Visit a pumpkin patch.
  • See the Xmas decorations on Rodeo Drive.
  • Visit the Museum of Jurassic Technology

Where did 2014 go?

Am I the only one who feels like this year just zoomed past us all? How is already almost a new year?!

I feel like I both did and did not accomplish a lot this year. Leaning more toward “You didn’t do crap this year, Heather.” Mainly because although I started a lot of projects, I didn’t actually finish many. But I’m still happy with what I did throughout the year. A lot of what I started were on-going projects anyway, not really something to start and finish.


Favorite blog posts from 2014:

The Toothache Saga. I got my first cavity, which marked the first time I needed something more than a simple cleaning at the dentist. Then I had another toothache which I thought was a second cavity, but it turned out to be an impacted wisdom tooth growing sideways and pressing against my molar. So I found an oral surgeon thanks to Yelp and had my molar pulled to avoid needing the doctor to cut into my gums. The final update to this is a happy one which I’ve actually yet to mention online: The thought process was this gave the wisdom tooth plenty of room to grow and maybe it would grow into the spot where my molar had been. That’s exactly what happened, so now it just feels like I have a stumpy molar as opposed to a hole where it’d been. And no pain! Hooray for dentists and oral surgeons!

I turned 30 and got to make the Logan’s Run joke I’d been waiting five years to share.

Remembering the time I worked at a music store and Michael Bolton was there signing his new album.

I started my new Day Zero Project. A few tasks from the new list: [1] [2] [3]

I shared a list of things I do and don’t miss from when I was growing up.

Something I obviously plan to blog about eventually, I learned how to bind books using the coptic stitch! I’m extremely proud of this, I thought it’d be really difficult but it was pretty easy. I love learning new skills. I haven’t blogged about this yet because I wanted to finish a couple more so I’d have more than one picture for the entry. That one had been my very first, which I’ve actually taken apart in order to redo. I made one for my mom for Chanukah, then made one for her best friend for Christmas. They’re actually a lot of fun to make, and I love being able to make things I can actually use.

Also, this year I decided I really need to start blogging more, and started blogging three times a week. To keep it up, I started a few weekly themed posts including Workspace Wednesday, Wordless Wednesday, and Currently.

I hope 2014 treated you well, and I hope 2015 either treats you just as well, or better. Happy New Year!

Time capsule ideas.

One of my Day Zero goals is to create a time capsule. It would just be a personal time capsule for myself, not something full of today’s electronics I’d want someone to dig up in 20 years. There are plenty of those. I figured it’d be best to brainstorm some ideas before actually starting one, so here’s a list of things I might include:

  • Photos, of course. Me, family, my neighborhood, anything that might change.
  • List of current facts about myself.
  • Small things that are meaningful to me, maybe some jewelry and toys.
  • Crafts I made to show some of my skills.
  • Magazine or newspaper clippings.
  • Empty packaging of something I enjoy(ed). (e.g., Coke can, limited edition candy container, etc)
  • DVD, or just a list of my current favorite movies. Or both!
  • A book.
  • Swatches of my current washi tape collection.
  • Plant seeds.
  • Favorite quotes.
  • Favorite songs, either in a list or uploaded to a flash drive.

Merry Christmas, everyone!

Bits & pieces from the past that don’t need their own blog entry.

When I was really young, I’d learned about that now-practically-defunct rule of drinking eight glasses of water a day. Now there’s more of an exact amount of fluid ounces we’re told to drink, but back then it was “Eight glasses a day!” To me, a “glass” was just anything you drank out of, whether it was an actual glass or a mug or even a cup. After hearing the water rule, I went into the bathroom and filled a 3oz Dixie paper cup with tap water, drank it, and repeated that action seven more times. There, that was my eight cups of water for the day. I had no concept of “a glass” being 8oz of water.

I still remember being deathly afraid of getting close to escalators because I was too small to see over the edge, so it looked like the moving steps just dropped off a cliff.

A few years ago I got my mom a heather plant for Mother’s Day. The gift tag said “For this Mother’s Day, you can have two Heathers to take care of! Just remember the difference: the one with leaves gets watered and the one with hair gets hugs.”

chess pieces

When we were still dating, my ex-boyfriend attempted to teach me how to play chess. It didn’t go so well. First was the issue that I had a very difficult time remembering how each piece could move, and would actually be grateful when he won a piece because it meant one less I had to remember about. I also kept losing track of whose turn it was, so there’d be moments where we’d both stare at the board because I hadn’t realized he’d taken his turn and he thought I was planning a move. The few times I actually won one of his pieces, I’d do a victory lap around the table. He didn’t appreciate that so much. I don’t even remember if we’d officially finished the game, but he never tried teaching me chess again.

When I bought the first Sims game, there was a glitch where one of the NPCs was constantly naked even after I restarted. The first time it happened, I flipped out and called one of my best friends to laugh about it, not bothering to look at the clock first due to the time difference. I accidentally woke his entire family at 3am to say there was a naked Sim on my screen.

Ten years ago I went to a famous local gay bar with a friend and a few more of his friends I’d just met for the first time. It was the idea of one of his lesbian friends who wanted to teach him to dance, saying he could never learn how at a straight bar, and I was dragged along for fun. One of the other people in the group was a homophobe who spent a large chunk of the night stuck to me like velcro, attempting to flirt despite my complete lack of interest. At one point, the lesbian mentioned she was wearing a fake flaccid penis for when the girls she was dancing with would grind against her, and was wondering if if felt real enough. Without saying anything or even thinking first, I grabbed her crotch to feel for myself and told her it felt just fine, and she happily thanked me and walked off to go dance some more. The other two guys had no reaction, like that had been the most natural thing for me to do, but the homophobe was completely disgusted and avoided me the rest of the night.



Watching… Pee-wee’s Christmas Special! It’s on Netflix Instant Watch.

Eating… Prime rib roast and a baked potato courtesy of Mom. My mom is an amazing cook.

Finishing… A DIY gift bag for a holiday present I’ll be working on tonight and tomorrow. I’m using this tutorial by SeaLemon.

Starting… Said holiday present. Two days ago I tried my hand at bookbinding and it’s a lot easier than I thought, I made a second one to give to my mom for Chanukah last night and I’m going to make one to give to her best friend on Christmas!

Remembering… I’d meant to vacuum today. Whoops.

Adding… “Vacuum, stupid” onto my to-do list.

Talking to… A new friend! New friends are awesome.

Palm Springs gingerbread house by Laura Gummerman.

palm springs gingerbread house

palm springs gingerbread house

I was looking for craft project inspiration and came across these photos of a gingerbread house based on homes you’d see in Palm Springs. It was created by Laura Gummerman, who deserves multiple trophies for her patience and attention to detail. It’s not 100% edible, but who cares? Look how adorable that swimming pool is. Sprinkles for the grass! Pocky for the carport supports! I don’t see myself building something like this, but I really enjoyed seeing what she used for supplies and wanted to share. You can see more photos and read about how she created everything by heading to her post on A Beautiful Mess.

What I’m working on — Cataloguing my washi collection.

washi cataloguing

I have a large collection of washi tape. I previously blogged about how I keep track of what I have by keeping swatches in both a physical notebook and on a subdomain on my blog, but I’m not 100% happy with the notebook so I researched other ideas for a swatch book. Of course I made a Pinterest board to keep track of what I found:

Follow Heatherface’s board Washi tape: Keep track with swatches on Pinterest.

I really liked the idea of putting the swatches on tags since I had some I could use, but I like the idea of a notebook as opposed to keeping the tags on a book ring. So I’m working on putting my washi swatches on tags, two different sizes since some of the washi tape I have is too huge for the tiny tags. And I have some small notebooks I bought from Big Lots, so I’ll put the tags in one of those. Probably with a glue stick or double sided tape, I don’t think I’d want to move the tags around once they’re in the book. I’m still hammering out the details, so I’ll more than likely blog about it yet again at some point.