Wordless Wednesday: Where I wish I was right now.

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No, I will not help you make fake money.

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counterfeit money is bad mmkay

I used to work in an art supplies store. One of the things we carried was large sheets of decorative paper, the kind people usually buy for collage work. I was a cashier, but every so often I’d cover the paper department if we were understaffed and my co-worker needed a break or something. One day when I was covering that department, a group of guys came in and asked about paper we carried in a certain thickness. I was helping someone at the moment, so I pointed them to an aisle where they could find what they were looking for. I thought nothing of it at first, people asked for specific thicknesses before. One of them came back with a few sheets, obviously about to ask a question. We recognized each other, he’d been someone I’d gone to high school with, so we chatted a little and then he got back to his original question. He asked if we cut paper, I said we do for a small fee. He did some short math in his head and placed the paper on the counter, and specifically asked if I could cut it into the size of dollar bills.

Oh, boy.

I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt and asked if they were working on a college project or something, but he hesitated and made a face that quite plainly said they were attempting to make counterfeit money. I couldn’t help but laugh and said I’d cut the paper for him, as long as he realizes it’s illegal to print out your own money and that dollar bills are actually made from a special cotton paper anyway. He couldn’t stop himself from asking if we sell cotton paper, and I just dropped my head into my hands and tried not to burst out laughing. I’m not actually sure he understood the part where I said the word “illegal.” I said I wouldn’t cut it for them, but they bought the paper anyway and I wonder if they actually attempted to make fake money with it.

I’m not sure if we sold cotton paper or if that’s even a thing you can buy at all, I assume that particular blend is only for paper money to try to avoid more counterfeiting. But even to this day I’m still amused at how bold he was to ask those questions.

What I’m working on — Happy List Challenge on HabitRPG.

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Happy List Challenge

My favorite site/app to use as a to-do list is HabitRPG, which I previously blogged about two months ago. There’s a section where we can create challenges for other users, which can really come in handy to get certain things done or just help focus on something. A challenge I’ve recently joined is a the Happy List Challenge, which is to make a list of ten things that make us happy and do at least one thing on that list every day for a month. Similar to a short version of 100 Happy Days, the purpose is just to remind you to set aside some time for your happiness.

My list is full of simple things since I’m unemployed, with “take a walk” as a wildcard since something like going to a museum or the zoo is still taking a walk. And sometimes there’s no better way to enjoy the moment than to have a drink that makes you happy or appreciate the nice weather. Eventually I plan to take part in 100 Happy Days, but for now, a month-long version is just as good. Don’t forget to put aside some time for your own happiness!

My list:

  1. Watch something that makes me laugh. (Movie, vlog, I Love Lucy…)
  2. Have a cup of juice or green tea.
  3. Play with the dog.
  4. Be crafty: Work on or make a craft project.
  5. Do some gardening.
  6. Take some pictures. Of anything.
  7. Go to the park, library, or poem tree.
  8. Take a walk.
  9. Write a letter.
  10. Play some Sims 2.

“Battery low. Not really, but I’m going to make this noise for hours.”

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When my father’s cell phone is dying and needs to be charged, it starts making a little jingle sound. For some reason, it takes hours for the battery to finally drain, which means if you don’t get to it, you hear that jingle for what feels like an eternity.

The first time I heard the noise was maybe three years ago, it was around midnight and I was the only one awake, which meant the house was completely silent. Suddenly I hear this faint electronic jingly chirping noise. Sort of a cross between a bell and electronic bird noise. At first I thought it was a smoke detector until I remembered those make a very loud high pitched beep you can hear three miles away, so I figured it must be one of Dad’s phones making the noise. He actually has two phones, his personal cell phone and the one his job gave him, so I assumed maybe he’d received a message on one of them.

I spent two full hours trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Two! Hours!

Due to the echo, I couldn’t even figure out which room of the house the noise had been coming from. I found his work phone next to his recliner in the living room, and it was off, so obviously that wasn’t the culprit. The noise happened every five minutes, so I’d sit at my computer for about three minutes and then go stand in one spot to listen for the jingle-chirp to hear if it was any louder than before. If not, I’d go back to my computer for a few minutes and then try again in another spot. Eventually I pinpointed the noise was coming from my dad’s desk. His extremely cluttered desk covered in stacks of paperwork and all sorts of things. I sat in his chair and stayed there, listening for the noise, shifting piles of paper and opening drawers to try to find whatever was making that damn echoing noise that seemed to be coming from everywhere. I moved some items at the back of his desk and I unearthed his personal cell phone, which gave out yet another jingle-chirp while the battery signal flashed empty bars at me.

I’m not even kidding, it took two hours to finally discover what was making the sound. I will never understand how an allegedly dying phone can continue beeping at you for hours. All the phones I’ve ever owned, when the battery’s low or empty, I had maybe a minute to get it plugged in. At least with my current phone I have the option to see the battery percentage, it rarely gets below 10% before I plug it in to charge, but Dad’s phone is apparently magical because it takes at least two hours to completely die. Why didn’t the company reprogram it so the noise starts happening when the battery is seriously totally actually about to die? I’ll never know. I haven’t heard the sound since, Dad’s gotten in the habit of plugging his phones in every couple of days, but at least I’ll know what to look for if I ever hear it again.


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Watching… Supernatural. Started watching it last month, I’m already halfway through season 6.

Reading… The Secret Garden. Again. It’s my favorite book.

Playing… The demo version of Minecraft. I frequently watch a friend play through Skype and found out you can download a demo to try out, so I’m giving it a shot. I didn’t think I’d enjoy playing, but it’s fun!

Planning… Blog entries. Trying to, anyway. Planning ahead is hard when it’s a brand new habit you’re trying to form.

Fixing… My keyboard. I’m constantly wearing off the letters from the keys and have been trying to figure out how to fix that. Bought some stickers from the dollar section at Target, gonna Mod Podge ‘em on there and see how that goes.

Starting… A new DIY recipe book using a composition notebook. Maybe it’ll help motivate me to find even more interesting recipes to add in.

Working on… Trying to find a good balance with my new blog planner, and trying to remember it’s okay to not be perfect at it yet.

Wordless Pinspiration: Garden entrances.

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Repurposed door and garden tools turned into garden entrance.

Garden gate draped with sunflowers.

Iron garden gate with bells.

Simple garden gate.

Weathered garden gate.

Garden gate with handpainted flowers and matching garden tools.

Carved garden gate.

Arched garden door.

Garden gate with a trellis.

Garden gate with an arch.

Garden gate made from logs.

Garden gate - "A garden is a friend you can talk to anytime."

Follow Heatherface’s board Garden doors & gates on Pinterest.

10 things I’ve been eating while waiting for my mouth to heal.

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Getting my tooth pulled was painless. Trying to figure out what I can eat while I’m healing is probably the worst part. I’m a picky eater and just lazy, so I can’t get too creative with the blender. Luckily, it’s now a full week after I had the tooth pulled and I’ve been able to eat a bigger variety of foods, though there are still things I don’t want to try until I get the stitches removed, like crusty bread or pizza or breaded chicken.

What I’ve mostly been eating:

  1. Peanut butter strawberry-banana smoothie
  2. Similar recipe found here, but I use a cup of whole milk, not yogurt. If you’re trying this after a tooth extraction, do not add ice cubes and be sure to strain it to get rid of the strawberry seeds.

  3. Matzo ball soup
  4. “Jewish penicillin.”

  5. Mashed potatoes
  6. This wasn’t as satisfying as I’d hoped, I love my mom’s mashed potatoes but they’re not so great as a meal on their own.

  7. Baby food
  8. And I’ll be able to use the jars for storage!

  9. Bologna & cheese sammich
  10. Not recommended after only a couple of days. Too solid, too quick. After the first week is plenty of time to “graduate” to more solid foods like lunchmeat sandwiches.

  11. French toast
  12. Cut up into itty bitty pieces.


  13. Oatmeal
  14. Scrambled eggs
  15. Strawberry Jello
  16. Chocolate pudding

What I’m working on — The start of a blog planner.

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I’ve come to the realization that the reason I don’t blog much is because I have no real planning involved. I’ll think of something I want to blog about, write the entry for it, and usually post the entry that same day. So if I don’t have any ideas or just don’t feel like writing, this blog stays dormant for days, weeks, even months at a time. I think the longest so far was two full months. It’s time I changed that. I want to start posting more often, so I’m setting up a binder full of scheduling plans and lists and whatever else I need. Social networking is involved too, I’ve created a Twitter account for my blog as well as a Facebook page to interact more with readers and other bloggers. I even have a print-out I made to schedule when I post on Facebook and Twitter so I don’t forget about those accounts or let them go too long without any content. I’m sure I’ll post more about my blog planner as I perfect it, but for now everything’s handwritten and not too pretty, so here’s a peek at what I’ve been up to. Don’t mind the baby food, it’s one of the things I’ve been eating since having a tooth pulled.

8 reasons why I read your blog.

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photo source

A little over a month ago, I wrote an entry listing off reasons why I might not be reading your blog. Now I’d like to give some reasons why I do come back to read your entries.

  1. Your blog has a pretty layout.
  2. Simple enough, right? A nice layout really is one of the most important things to have on a blog. I’m a fan of neat and organized, and minimalism. I don’t want to see tons of colors or a tacky hard-to-read color scheme, it can be difficult to navigate a website that looks more like a pair of clown pants, though I do love fun eye-catching headers.

  3. You post large pictures of good quality.
  4. Not everyone owns a fancy camera, but if you’re going to post pictures on your blog, don’t leave them tiny or blurry or discolored due to bad lighting. Clutter is bad too, don’t take a picture of something in your bedroom if your floor is covered in piles of crumpled laundry, the laundry is all I’ll be able to focus on. If you post pictures from other blogs, don’t forget to give them credit and link back to their blog!

  5. You blog about personal stories and how you spend your time.
  6. Craft blogs, “lifestyle” blogs (I guess that’s what mine is?), mommy/daddy bloggers, fashion blogs, photography blogs… I love reading a little chunk of someone’s life and feeling connected to them. I don’t love feeling like every entry is sponsored. If I want to read advertisements, I’ll open a magazine.

  7. You interact with your readers.
  8. Speaking of feeling connected, it’s wonderful when a blogger acknowledges their readers. Maybe it’s just the wording of their posts, maybe they ask a question at the end of the blog to entice readers to leave a comment, or maybe they reply to their comments. Or all of the above!

  9. Your posts don’t take me hours to read.
  10. Sometimes an entry needs to be long, but constant long entries can make a blog feel intimidating and makes it seem like the blogger doesn’t care about their readers. Especially when most of it seems to ramble on instead of actually discussing something. Like a good book, I should want to read the entire thing instead of skimming or plain giving up.

  11. You’ve found your niche.
  12. I appreciate bloggers who’ve discovered what they’re good at blogging about instead of trying to force a blog they aren’t passionate about. Don’t run a food blog if you hate to cook, for example.

  13. There are no pop-ups asking me to Like/subscribe or take a survey.
  14. I recently posted an entry talking about plugin pop-ups. Whether I’m a brand new reader or someone who’s been reading your entries for a while, I don’t want to have to click a little X so I can continue reading your entry.

  15. You give advice to fellow bloggers.
  16. This is a new favorite of mine. I’m a total sucker for learning how to be a better blogger. My blogging style is always changing, so I appreciate reading tips on how to stay awesome.

The death of my pirate tooth — Getting a tooth pulled for the first time.

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Last week, I blogged about my toothache caused by an impacted wisdom tooth. I made an appointment for yesterday to have a consultation with an oral surgeon I found on Yelp, assuming he’d just take a x-ray and discuss my different options with me, then ask me to come back in a week, but he had an opening yesterday so it was all taken care of in one day. Having my tooth pulled was honestly less painful than having my cavity drilled and filled. The doctor was friendly to the point of making me feel like we’d known each other for years, didn’t even accidentally hurt me, and his gloves taste like bubblegum. I’m happy to say having a tooth pulled for the first time was actually a pleasant experience.

Everyone in the office was so friendly, it really helped calm me down and actually made the appointment kind of fun. The dental assistant took an x-ray, then the doctor came in to explain there was a problem. Apparently the pain wasn’t from the wisdom tooth pushing against the molar, the pain was coming from the molar itself. This was actually the molar I’d just had filled with silver in January, I’d waited too long to have the wisdom tooth removed so it did some damage to the molar. Filling the cavity had been necessary because the pain was waking me every four hours, but it still sucks I went through all that only to end up losing the tooth anyway. Since the molar was damaged and the wisdom tooth was sideways, the doctor said both would need to be pulled. I asked if it’d be possible to just pull the molar and then see if the wisdom tooth finishes growing in with the extra room, I wouldn’t mind having a crooked one as long as my face finally stopped hurting. He agreed that’s a good idea. I really did not want him cutting into my gums to extract the wisdom tooth, the idea of losing the molar didn’t bother me as much and maybe the wisdom tooth will actually grow in its place.

It turned out he had an opening after his next appointment, so I told Mom what was going on and sat back down in the waiting room to watch television until it was time. I almost wish it’d been another hour away so I could say my appointment was at Tooth Hurty (2:30), but it was closer to 1pm. It’s now a little over 24 hours since I had the procedure and the only pain I’m feeling is the hinge of my jaw is bruised from having it propped so wide, which of course is completely normal. My gums haven’t hurt at all since the extraction.

This really was my first time getting a tooth pulled, I’d never needed dental surgery. I’ve never even had braces. He numbed the entire gum area, so I was awake for it and I spent the entire time anticipating pain. There was none. I could feel everything he was doing, but at the same time, I couldn’t feel anything. Just pressure, no discomfort. I didn’t even feel any pain when the tooth broke off from one of the roots. There was absolutely no pain during the surgery at all, and I didn’t start feeling some mild discomfort until 11:30pm, 10 hours after the tooth was pulled, and even that was only the bruising from having my jaw propped open. I hope I never need another tooth pulled, but if I ever do or if I want to get an implant for my lost pirate tooth, I will absolutely go back to that office.

If you live in Los Angeles and need an oral surgeon, I recommend going to the Etessami brothers. Hiri was my doctor.

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