My washi tape collection: Storage and keeping track of what I have.

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There’s a fabric & craft store near my house having a big sale, and apparently the washi tape is part of that sale. I didn’t even know that till I went today, I had a coupon and “accidentally” ended up down the aisle with the washi tape, and saw a large “40% off” sign in front of the display. I grabbed a few I’d been eyeballing and was both disappointed and relieved their selection is currently fairly sparse, that made it easy to keep from going overboard. When I got home and added them to the notebook and subdomain I use to keep track of what I have, I realized just how many I have.

In case you’re wondering, the reason why I keep track using both a physical notebook and a subdomain is because I needed a way to check my collection from a store (assuming they have wifi), and since I don’t carry a purse, carrying the notebook around (or remembering to bring it with me) isn’t an option. I tried that once and it just wasn’t convenient. Looking at my site from my phone, that’s convenient. So I’ll put a small strip in the notebook, then upload a photo of it for the site. It’s less complicated than I’m making it sound. And obviously, the reason I keep track in the first place is so I don’t buy doubles or overly-similar designs. I’m actually pretty good at remembering what I have even despite having almost 100 rolls, but this setup comes in handy for remembering specific colors.

That’s right, almost 100 rolls. I’d be shocked or embarrassed about that if I didn’t use them all, but I do. Between my penpal Kevin and craft projects or journalling, I use part of my collection multiple times every week.

Earlier this year I posted a photo on Instagram of the display I bought to store my washi tape on, it’s called a cone thread rack. Cone thread is a type of sewing thread to use on a serger, which is similar to a sewing machine and uses a lot of thread. The cone thread rack is perfect to store washi tape on, as long as you use it often enough that dust doesn’t settle on the rolls. This picture shows a little more than half of my current collection, around 20 more rolls are nearby in their own dispenser (it was all sold together, it was a holiday present from my mom two or three years ago) and obviously it doesn’t show what I’ve accumulated since taking this picture.


As for the subdomain, it’s not very pretty on a computer but it looks just fine on mobile which was the entire point. You can click the image below if you wanted to check it out or see all the washi tape I have. It’s not perfect, I kind of wish it was more uniform, but it does the job.

washi blog

Look at me getting all fancy to show you the PC and mobile layouts. Well, I mentioned it, so I figured I might as well show you what I meant about it looking good on mobile and not so good on the computer!

I still remember not understanding the obsession with washi tape, I was seeing it absolutely everywhere on crafting sites. That was only a few years ago, and look at me now. I’ll be honest, I don’t even remember which one had been my first roll. I bought one, fell in love, and went absolutely bonkers. I couldn’t help it, it’s so fun to decorate with and there are so many kinds!

Happy 111th birthday, Tor Johnson!

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Tor Johnson was a Swedish professional wrestler and actor who was immortalized in Ed Wood movies, such as Plan 9 From Outer Space and Bride of the Monster. He was billed as “The Super Swedish Angel” and despite his size at over six feet tall (some sources say 6’2″ and some say 6’3″) and 400 lbs, he was known to be a genuinely sweet guy. One actress even described him as being “like a big sugar bun.”

I happen to have a picture of him. My great-grandfather was a doctor, and Tor was one of his patients. This picture was taken at a dinner party where Tor happened to spot my great-grandfather and stopped to chat. I can’t help but love the tiny tie. Short ties were the look at the time, but it just looks plain silly on Tor because he’s so large.


Both men died before I was born, so I never got the chance to meet either one, but knowing about that little piece of history in my family is pretty wonderful.

A handful of funny IM conversations from ten years ago.

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I used to have a blog on Blogspot where I kept a log of funny IM conversations. I’d created it over 12 years ago and stopped updating it approximately five years ago, eventually forgetting about it. I came across it today and decided to post my favorites here, and make the rest of the convresations private. These are all from 2004 and most were with my best friend at the time, Jamie.

To Feign Reality: Today I told a friend that if Internet Addiction meetings exist, I bet they confiscate phones at the door so we can’t update Twitter about the meeting

[Valentine's Day, 2007]
Grimm Epiphany: Be checking your mail
Grimm Epiphany: Your real mail
Grimm Epiphany: Not the computer mail
To Feign Reality: I got your letter today lol
Grimm Epiphany: My Valentine?
To Feign Reality: Yeah, the one you totally glitter glued together
Grimm Epiphany: >_____>
Grimm Epiphany: I hoped you wouldn’t notice
To Feign Reality: lol Uh, yeah
Grimm Epiphany: That was the first one I did and the only I used glitter glue on after that. lol
To Feign Reality: You’re supposed to wait for it to DRY before folding it in half and putting it in the envelope

Grimm Epiphany: You’re invited to the pants party
To Feign Reality: lol
[20 minutes later]
Grimm Epiphany: I think I shat my pants
To Feign Reality: I don’t want to come to the party anymore
Grimm Epiphany: lmao

To Feign Reality: I’ve been writing letters to Aaron who’s in San Diego and every time I start his address I want to write “San Diego, it means a whale’s vagina” instead of San Diego, CA
Grimm Epiphany: lolololol
Grimm Epiphany: You dumbass
To Feign Reality: Shut up lol
Grimm Epiphany: lol
Grimm Epiphany: I wonder if the letter would still get there
To Feign Reality: lol
To Feign Reality: Me too

To Feign Reality: lmao I put a zip disk in my computer and it’s stuck, the button didn’t pop out
Krikkit Minion: Does it have an emergency eject?
To Feign Reality: lol
To Feign Reality: No
To Feign Reality: It’s a zip drive, not a plane
Krikkit Minion: XD
Krikkit Minion: OH GOD
Krikkit Minion: XXXDDD
Krikkit Minion: That’s gold

squeejamie: I think I need to vomit
To Feign Reality: So do it *hands you a hat*
squeejamie: lmfao
squeejamie: If you have to spew, spew into this *hands you paper cup*
To Feign Reality: Jared Leto was in it
To Feign Reality: Wrong IM
To Feign Reality: lmao
squeejamie: He was in the spew? Or the paper cup? lol

What I’m working on — Attempting to organize my penpal supplies.

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I have no idea how to organize my rainbow-vomit sticker collection. Does anyone have any suggestions?


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Working on… My reply letter to my penpal. It’s taking me way too long to work on it this time, I don’t even have much of an excuse.

Watching… Are You Afraid of the Dark? on YouTube.

Feeling… Overly full. I ate way too much for lunch.

Needing… To drink more water. I made sushi yesterday and didn’t drink enough water to counteract the sodium, I’m almost painfully bloated today.

Trying… Another app/site to schedule tweets on my blog’s Twitter account. I managed to even forget I’d had it.

Wishing… More trees in Los Angeles changed colors during this time of the year so I can post beautiful photos to Instagram like so many people I follow.

Hearing… The television in the other room. Dad’s watching Indiana Jones.

Day Zero task #53: Go through other people’s bucket lists on Pinterest, make a board of 101 things I’ve done.

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In an effort to remind myself of some great things I’ve accomplished, I decided to look at some other people’s bucket lists on Pinterest and repin the things I’ve done. I chose the number 101 to match my Day Zero goals. I kept coming across boards that were obviously made by teenage girls because there’d be goals like using a fake name at Starbucks, going an entire day without seeing sunlight, and eating nothing but ice cream for an entire day. But I had to remind myself that some of my bucket list items will seem silly to others as well, maybe not my “official” bucket list on Pinterest but I’m sure there are some things I want to accomplish before I die that would make some people laugh. So hey, if a teenager wants to spend a day eating ice cream with the knowledge that they’ll spend all night with a stomach ache, who am I to judge? But since some of their goals include things I’ve done, such as seeing Halley’s comet, writing in wet cement, and travelling by myself, I thought this would be a fun project. Some are impressive, most are not, and some are just silly. But I’ve done them all.

Follow Heatherface’s board 101 things I've done from other people's bucket lists on Pinterest.

You can see my Pinterest board by clicking above or here, and check the list below to read about each item.

  1. Plant a tree.
  2. When I was 13, I took a trip to Israel with my paternal grandparents. The tour group we were part of had a lot of fun things planned, one of which was allowing the kids in the group to plant a tree. In complete honesty, I wouldn’t be surprised to find out the tiny trees we’d planted were dug up for the next tour group to “plant,” but the experience was still fun.

  3. See the ocean.
  4. I live approximately eight miles from the Pacific ocean.

  5. Watch a meteor shower.
  6. Unfortunately the skies here are usually pretty cloudy when there’s a meteor shower, but I was able to view one when I was a teenager.

  7. Visit the walk of fame.
  8. This is just one of those typical “Of course this happened, I live in L.A” things.

  9. Witness an eclipse.
  10. I’ve witnessed a few, both lunar and solar. As a matter of fact, I just viewed a lunar eclipse two nights ago.

  11. Kiss a celebrity.
  12. Another “Of course this happened, I live in L.A” thing.

  13. Learn to make sushi.
  14. This is not as difficult as it seems, it’s just very time consuming.

  15. Spend a whole day sleeping.
  16. This is real easy to do if you’re sick or have allergies. This really isn’t a goal people should aim to accomplish.

  17. Let my hair get really long.
  18. My hair is the longest it’s ever been, it reaches my hips.

  19. Own every flavor of EOS lip balm.
  20. This was kind of an accident, I just really love the stuff.

  21. Read 100 books in a year.
  22. I seem to recall this was part of my first Day Zero list, to read two books each week. And I did it.

  23. Own a typewriter.
  24. Unfortunately the ribbon is dried out because it’d belonged to my grandfather and he hadn’t used it in years, but I do own one.

  25. Own a Polaroid camera.
  26. Too bad about the film.

  27. Watch every Harry Potter movie.
  28. I need to do this again.

  29. Read every Harry Potter book.
  30. Multiple times.

  31. Finish an entire eraser.
  32. This is not as easy as it sounds, erasers grow legs when you’ve used up half of it.

  33. Start a YouTube channel.
  34. Technically more than one.

  35. Upload my first YouTube video.
  36. I should get back into vlogging.

  37. Write something in wet cement.
  38. There’s a cement patch in my backyard with my handprints in it.

  39. Visit Jerusalem.
  40. See #1.

  41. Kiss in the rain.
  42. Not as fun or romantic as so many seem to think.

  43. Wear a corset.
  44. It was the kind where I wasn’t able to sit, but I did look good.

  45. Cuddle under the stars.
  46. My main memory of this is my boyfriend-at-the-time wouldn’t stop complaining about being bored.

  47. Shoot a gun.
  48. My dad wanted me to know how.

  49. See the Dead Sea Scrolls.
  50. See #1.

  51. See Halley’s comet.
  52. I was two years old, and luckily not too young that I didn’t understand what a big deal this was. My neighbor across the street made sure I got to see it, with the help of my father’s telescope.

  53. See a shooting star.
  54. I feel like this is one of those once-in-a-lifetime things to actually witness in Los Angeles, it’s so bright we can’t really see the stars. But I saw one.

  55. Watch the sunset at the beach.
  56. More than once. Both in a romantic sense and non-romantic “Oh crap we’ve been here too long you’re mom’s going to be pissed.”

  57. Build something at Build-a-Bear.
  58. I have a cow and a dinosaur. The dinosaur has dino pajamas.

  59. Ride in an airplane.
  60. Multiple times.

  61. Ride a camel.
  62. Mom and I did this when I was a kid, it was kind of awful.

  63. Stargaze on a roof.
  64. This was an accident, we got locked out on the roof of my friend’s apartment building. This was before we had cell phones, so we had to make a lot of noise until someone finally opened the door.

  65. Learn to knit.
  66. I know how, but I can’t really knit anything besides scarves.

  67. Receive flowers from a boy.
  68. A couple of times.

  69. Have a baby fall asleep in my arms.
  70. This is not fun when you don’t like babies. I was afraid to move.

  71. Try macarons.
  72. Meh.

  73. Make a sheet fort outside.
  74. This was fun until my friend fell asleep and started snoring. His snoring was so loud I left the fort to try to get sleep elsewhere.

  75. Play with sparklers.
  76. Almost every 4th of July.

  77. See the Hollywood sign.
  78. Another “Of course this happened, I live in L.A” things.

  79. Stand under the Hollywood sign.
  80. This is no longer easy to do, the roads and trails have been blocked off so if you try to hike up to the sign, you’re officially trespassing and can be fined or even arrested. So be careful about this.

  81. Kiss in a movie theater.
  82. Really, really awkward in those seats. Especially if the armrest doesn’t lift up.

  83. Own a Wreck This Journal.
  84. More than once.

  85. Go to a housewarming party.
  86. I felt really awkward the whole time, I was one of the youngest and the only one not drinking.

  87. Go to prom.
  88. My prom was kind of ridiculous, it wasn’t really worth going.

  89. Be spoiled on Valentine’s Day.
  90. I’m not a romantic girl, so this was a little awkward for me. But still a little fun.

  91. See a sunset from an airplane.
  92. This was incredible, the sky looks like it’s on fire.

  93. Go to Washington, D.C.
  94. When I was about nine years old, my mom’s brother was graduating from the Naval Academy in Annapolis, Maryland. So my mother and I travelled there with their parents, and we did some sight-seeing.

  95. Visit the Smithsonian.
  96. See #47.

  97. See a celebrity at LAX airport.
  98. Another “Of course this happened, I live in L.A” thing.

  99. Learn how to do my nails properly.
  100. I really need to start posting on my nail art blog again.

  101. Build a snowman.
  102. Half a snowman anyway, that’s a LOT harder than it looks.

  103. Make a wish in Snow White’s well.
  104. This is a Disneyland thing.

  105. Ride in the front of the Monorail.
  106. Another Disneyland thing.

  107. Be on tv.
  108. Years ago, my mom and I were on a short news segment about scrapbooking.

  109. Learn to tie a knot in a cherry stem using my tongue.
  110. The trick is to hold one end between your teeth.

  111. See Cirque Du Soleil.
  112. Mom and I saw Mystere in Vegas in the mid 90s.

  113. Ride a horse.
  114. My dad used to take me horseback riding when I was a kid.

  115. Ride in a submarine.
  116. Sort of. I’m including the ride at Disneyland.

  117. Travel by myself.
  118. I’ve flown by myself a couple of times.

  119. Find out my blood type.
  120. A-

  121. Babysit.
  122. I babysat for neighbors a few times when I was a teenager.

  123. Bake something from scratch.
  124. As bad as it sounds, I prefer using a box mix.

  125. Try eating a dragonfruit.
  126. That thing was disappointing, but it looked pretty cool.

  127. Try archery.
  128. At the Renaissance Pleasure Faire.

  129. Dye my hair red.
  130. For about six years from when I turned 19.

  131. Dye my hair black.
  132. The red dye I’d been using was no longer being sold, so I switched to black for something different. After two years I got tired of it and the red dye is being sold again, so I’m going back to red.

  133. Visit a pumpkin patch.
  134. Multiple times.

  135. Have a “usual” somewhere.
  136. This is real easy for me to accomplish, I usually order the same thing at a restaurant once I find a favorite.

  137. Try funnel cake.
  138. They’re great as long as you’re sharing them, these are definitely not a dessert to eat by yourself.

  139. Have dinner at a fancy restaurant.
  140. A few times.

  141. Own a claddagh ring.
  142. Of course I do, I’m part Irish.

  143. Visit Maryland.
  144. See #47.

  145. Read a book in one day.
  146. When I first read The Help, I read all 500+ pages in one sitting. I’ve also read the largest Harry Potter books in one day as part of a goal to read them all in one week.

  147. Own a pet named after a Disney character.
  148. I had a betta fish named Pudge, after the goldfish in Lilo & Stitch.

  149. Go to Israel.
  150. See #1.

  151. Make a jar of lucky stars.
  152. I have a little jar full of miniature lucky stars I made.

  153. Visit the birthplace or grave of an icon.
  154. This has happened a whole lot because I live near so many.

  155. Try tiramisu.
  156. This was pretty dang gross, it’s not enjoyable if you don’t like coffee.

  157. Visit the Santa Monia Pier.
  158. Another “Of course this happened, I live in L.A” thing.

  159. Attend Gay Pride.
  160. I actually attended the parade when I was a little kid, with a friend and his mother. I have some weird memories from that.

  161. Learn to fishtail braid.
  162. This is nowhere near as difficult as it looks.

  163. Eat at In-N-Out.
  164. Yuck. What is wrong with people in L.A to be obsessed with this place?

  165. Visit a Sanrio store.
  166. There used to be one at a nearby mall when I was a kid.

  167. Try beignets.
  168. Delicious!

  169. Bob for apples.
  170. I never want to do that again.

  171. Take ballet lessons.
  172. This is something very few people know about me. I took dance classes for a very short period of time when I was a little girl.

  173. Own a colorful nail polish collection.
  174. Unfortunately I’m pretty sure I have to get rid of most of it now, I haven’t used them in a really long time and nail polish does have a shelf life.

  175. Try something from Sprinkles Cupcakes.
  176. This place was not worth trying to find parking in Beverly Hills, the cupcakes were unbelievably disappointing.

  177. Start a diary and write in it every day.
  178. I’m still working on my Five Year Diary.

  179. See a reindeer.
  180. The Los Angeles Zoo brings some in every year for Christmas.

  181. Spend Christmas at Disneyland.
  182. Disneyland is so gorgeous for every holiday!

  183. Try mochi ice cream.
  184. Meh.

  185. Leave a note in a library book.
  186. More than once.

  187. Sleep under the stars.
  188. The time I went camping.

  189. Hold a butterfly in my hand.
  190. Well, it landed on my hand. During the Natural History Museum’s Butterfly Pavilion.

  191. Send a letter to a random address and see if they write back.
  192. They didn’t.

  193. Adopt an animal from the shelter.
  194. We got Tator from the shelter.

  195. Glow in the dark bowling.
  196. This is probably more fun if you’re actually any good at bowling and enjoy it at all. I am not, and do not.

  197. Witness a marriage proposal.
  198. Los Angeles has a shadowcast for Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I witnessed a surprise proposal on stage between two cast members. She was so surprised that she forgot which hand to give him to put the ring on, it was pretty adorable.

  199. Visit a ghost town.
  200. Mom and I visited Calico, it was pretty fun but the whole thing’s uphill so it was also quite a workout.

  201. Visit West Virginia.
  202. I took a trip there over ten years ago to visit a friend for his birthday, I didn’t get to see much of the place but it’s really pretty there. And yes, everyone had their teeth, get out of here with that.

My memories of DOS games were a lot better before I found them again.

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word rescue

When my family got our first computer, we had a lot of DOS games that I loved to play. I was recently reminiscing about one in particular called Paganitzu and wondered if I’d be able to find it online, maybe I’d be able to find an emulator or something. I discovered, a site with a whole bunch of DOS games you can play in your browser, and got really excited at the idea of being able to play them again.

Paganitzu! Monster Bash! Commander Keen! Crystal Caves! Jill of the Jungle! Duke Nukem! So many game titles I recognized from my childhood. I spent yesterday playing some of them, and… Well, my memories lied to me. I had a blast playing these games as a kid, back when this was just how games looked. Large pixels, neon colors, 8-bit sound, something called SoundBlaster that I always had to ask my dad if I should enable… It was all practically state-of-the-art 20+ years ago and now it’s just one big headache. Those neon colors are an eyesore and the noises make me turn down the speakers. Worst of all, the games just aren’t as fun as I remembered.

Seriously, could there possibly have been any more fuschia in those games?

Paganitzu made me rage-quit, I kept running into the same stupid spider. None of the games have a working Save function, so once you close the game, you lose your progress. Jill of the Jungle doesn’t have sound because something’s not compatible with today’s fancy-schmancy stuff.

But you know what? Being able to relive my memories was still enjoyable, even if the games themselves aren’t. I do wish they had a working version of Monkey Island though, I was so disappointed to see that link doesn’t go anywhere.

Did you play any computer games as a child that you wish you could find today?

Day Zero task #2: A letter to myself to read at the end of the project.

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When I started my first (okay, technically second) Day Zero list in 2012, one of my goals was to write a letter to myself to read when I either completed or abandoned the project, whichever came first. I forgot about the list a few times but never officially gave up, but managed to forget about the letter until this past Saturday. It’s two pages of letting myself know what I’d currently been working on (I’d written the letter two months into the project) and cheering myself on. I’m glad I wrote it, it was fun to read. 2012-Heather would be glad to know that 2014-Heather made it to the end, and completed my goal of finishing at least half of my list. I think I’ll make that same goal again this time, I hope to finish at least half of the list.

I haven’t yet decided when I want to write the new letter, but since I enjoyed reading my first one so much, I think it’s best to follow my own lead and wait at least a month to let myself know how my progress is going so far. If I were to start the letter right now, what in the world would I say? Instead of two pages, I’d be lucky to think of two paragraphs. I’d imagine it’d go something like this:

Dear future self,

You’ve started another list. You’ve just passed week one, and this letter is task number two. You’ve completed one task so far and you’re working on a few others. Finish your letter to Kevin, you big jerk.

Love, your past self.

Kevin’s my penpal, by the way. If you follow me on Instagram, he’s the one whose handwriting I’ve playfully made fun of a few times. If you don’t follow me on Instagram, you’re really not missing much. Now taking donations toward a proper camera…

I momentarily considered writing the letter to myself here, on my blog. But since I’ve officially decided to wait a month or two, I’ll make up my mind then.

Have you ever written a letter to your past or future self?

Stop telling me I’m going to appreciate being told I don’t look my age.

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I’m 30 years old, but most people peg me between 17 to 23. More often than not, the guess is closer to 17. I’ve had arguments with people who assumed I was lying. I have a great complexion, a babyface, and I’m only five feet tall, so most of the people who comment on my age don’t even think I look like a legal adult. They’ll say they assumed I was at least 10 years younger, and follow that up with “You’ll love hearing that when you’re older.” Personally, being told I’ll eventually appreciate being mistaken for being almost half my age is a huge insult. I’m already 30 and I’ve been hearing that since I was a teenager, how old do I have to be before it finally feels like a compliment? What’s wrong with being okay with your age?

Let me put something into perspective for those of you who think being a 30-year-old with the face of a 17-year-old is a blessing: I am 100% positive I’ve missed out on numerous potential dates and relationships over the past 12 years because whoever I was attempting to flirt with assumed I was jailbait, and thought flirting back would mean they’d be arrested.

Does that still sound great to you? I have a hell of a time flirting with men my own age, and I constantly have to deal with older men flirting with me because they like that I look really young. Don’t believe me? Take a look at this chart:


I really recommend reading the article where I found the chart and compare this one to the one about women and men’s ages. I’m sorry, I do not consider it a compliment that men of every age consider me desirable yet men my own age are hesitant to date me because of how young I look. I could probably walk through the doors of my high school during school hours and be mistaken for a student. Oh, but I’ll love hearing that when I’m older.

Wordless pinspiration: Garden pathways.

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