Wordless pinspiration: Garden pathways.

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Day Zero Project

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day zero

My first Day Zero Project expired yesterday, which means it’s time for another. You can find my list at my Day Zero subdomain. I kind of set the bar too high for my first list and was only able to complete a little more than half of it, but that’s still pretty good for my first one! You can find my first Day Zero here. I decided to bring over some of the unfinished tasks into my new list, let’s see if I can get them done this time. Most of the tasks are new, and like last time I think I got a good balance of simple versus complicated goals. I’m also allowing myself to edit as I go, last time I’d made it a personal goal not to edit the list after a certain amount of time but I think that’s one reason why I ended up with so many I didn’t get to. I’m not yet sure if I’ll be blogging about my progress to give myself more accountability.

Are you participating in your own Day Zero? Post the link and let me know! And let me know if I’ve inspired you to start, since that’s my first goal!


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Watching… I Love Lucy. My mom bought me the whole set as a holiday present four years ago.

Listening to… My neighbors are having a party. They have an hour to go before any annoyed neighbor (not me, honest!) might call the cops on them due to the city noise ordinance.

Drinking… Water infused with fresh strawberries.

Eating… Two Red Delicious apples, cut into thin slices.

Looking at… Homes for sale in Montana, just to see what’s there. It’s a dream of mine to move there (or somewhere similar) eventually.

Procrastinating… On a few chores that need to be done.

Wishing… I could afford a DSLR.

Feeling… Annoyed that I fell off track with scheduling my blog tweets. Oops.

What I’m working on — Planning a daily blog checklist.

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daily checklist

Almost exactly one month ago, I started working on making a daily checklist for blog tasks. I’ve been trying to stick to an actual schedule as opposed to maaaybe writing a blog post a few times a month, so that schedule includes things like social networking and keeping up with the blogs I enjoy reading. I’ve been on Bloglovin for a while but I hadn’t really been actively reading my feed and I’m sure I missed out on some great entries from other bloggers. So this new checklist of mine has been helping me to remember what I want to get done, preferably every day but I’m happy if I stick to it at least four days out of the week.

It’s been working pretty well, my only complaint was the fact that the whole thing was handwritten. I like writing, but I’m not a fan of copying down the exact same to-do list every week. I did an overhaul on it this week and now that I’m 100% happy with it, I made a table with HTML and printed it out to see how that’d work out. I somehow managed to mess up the dimensions, so it printed out smaller than I’d intended but otherwise came out alright. I might see about color coding it with markers or highlighters or something, but I like how it looks a lot neater than the one I’d been writing by hand. I was having a little trouble making my handwriting small enough for the narrow columns on that other sheet, my handwriting’s pretty large and those columns are just barely over an inch wide.

This is just my first version, but I’m happy with it so far! When I make a final version, I’ll post the whole thing in case any of my readers want to use it as inspiration to make their own.

Just Some Broad social media links.

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If you haven’t already, please be sure to go click Like on my blog’s Facebook page! I also have a separate Twitter account for blog related posts.

Top 10 search term referrals from the past month.

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search term referrals

This post isn’t much more than “Hey, check out these other entries I wrote.” But I feel like that’s a little important to do every so often.

About once a month I check the top referrals to my blog. Without fail, the #1 search term referral is Keri Smith’s Wreck This Journal. In fact, something involving WTJ is usually a top referral more than once. I’m pretty happy about that, I really like that the work I’ve done in my own so far has received so much attention and has given so many others their own ideas. I’ve been slowly working on more pages to post, so don’t think I’ve forgotten about it.

At least one other crafts post is usually involved in the top referrals as well, this month it’s been my popsicle stick shelf. That’s another post I’m glad is helping to inspire others since it was so easy to make, and is so incredibly handy. I wish popsicle sticks were even less expensive, I’d buy thousands and build a full-sized bookcase with them. I could stain the sticks and make it look even more awesome! Perhaps someday.

The Rosenheim Mansion (a.k.a the “Murder House” from season 1 of American Horror Story) is usually one of the top three referrals, but lately it’s been slipping since AHS is currently not showing. When the next season starts, I’m sure more people will be binge-watching the show and Googling that incredible house again. I still hope to eventually go back to take more (and better) pictures, I’d like to ask the owner’s permission to get closer to the windows.

A new addition to my top referrals lately are searches leading to my “100 things that make me happy” post. Perhaps at least a few people chose it as a goal on their Day Zero project, I’m pretty sure that’s why I’d made my own list. I’m finishing my Day Zero project this month, at this point I’m pretty positive I won’t complete anything else before my deadline in a week but I’m looking forward to starting my next one.

The past couple of weeks I’ve been getting traffic on my Fifty Shades of Grey drinking game, which is just hilarious. That was the only good to come out of reading those stupid books.

Another new addition to my top referrals has been to the entry I wrote about my friend Alex who died last year. I’m guessing at least one friend was trying to find out why she’d suddenly stopped updating her Livejournal. I’m sorry if you’re finding out what happened through my blog, but at the same time, I’m glad I’ve possibly helped someone find out what happened to our friend. I still really, really miss her.

Wordless Wednesday: Where I wish I was right now.

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No, I will not help you make fake money.

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counterfeit money is bad mmkay

I used to work in an art supplies store. One of the things we carried was large sheets of decorative paper, the kind people usually buy for collage work. I was a cashier, but every so often I’d cover the paper department if we were understaffed and my co-worker needed a break or something. One day when I was covering that department, a group of guys came in and asked about paper we carried in a certain thickness. I was helping someone at the moment, so I pointed them to an aisle where they could find what they were looking for. I thought nothing of it at first, people asked for specific thicknesses before. One of them came back with a few sheets, obviously about to ask a question. We recognized each other, he’d been someone I’d gone to high school with, so we chatted a little and then he got back to his original question. He asked if we cut paper, I said we do for a small fee. He did some short math in his head and placed the paper on the counter, and specifically asked if I could cut it into the size of dollar bills.

Oh, boy.

I tried giving him the benefit of the doubt and asked if they were working on a college project or something, but he hesitated and made a face that quite plainly said they were attempting to make counterfeit money. I couldn’t help but laugh and said I’d cut the paper for him, as long as he realizes it’s illegal to print out your own money and that dollar bills are actually made from a special cotton paper anyway. He couldn’t stop himself from asking if we sell cotton paper, and I just dropped my head into my hands and tried not to burst out laughing. I’m not actually sure he understood the part where I said the word “illegal.” I said I wouldn’t cut it for them, but they bought the paper anyway and I wonder if they actually attempted to make fake money with it.

I’m not sure if we sold cotton paper or if that’s even a thing you can buy at all, I assume that particular blend is only for paper money to try to avoid more counterfeiting. But even to this day I’m still amused at how bold he was to ask those questions.

What I’m working on — Happy List Challenge on HabitRPG.

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Happy List Challenge

My favorite site/app to use as a to-do list is HabitRPG, which I previously blogged about two months ago. There’s a section where we can create challenges for other users, which can really come in handy to get certain things done or just help focus on something. A challenge I’ve recently joined is a the Happy List Challenge, which is to make a list of ten things that make us happy and do at least one thing on that list every day for a month. Similar to a short version of 100 Happy Days, the purpose is just to remind you to set aside some time for your happiness.

My list is full of simple things since I’m unemployed, with “take a walk” as a wildcard since something like going to a museum or the zoo is still taking a walk. And sometimes there’s no better way to enjoy the moment than to have a drink that makes you happy or appreciate the nice weather. Eventually I plan to take part in 100 Happy Days, but for now, a month-long version is just as good. Don’t forget to put aside some time for your own happiness!

My list:

  1. Watch something that makes me laugh. (Movie, vlog, I Love Lucy…)
  2. Have a cup of juice or green tea.
  3. Play with the dog.
  4. Be crafty: Work on or make a craft project.
  5. Do some gardening.
  6. Take some pictures. Of anything.
  7. Go to the park, library, or poem tree.
  8. Take a walk.
  9. Write a letter.
  10. Play some Sims 2.

“Battery low. Not really, but I’m going to make this noise for hours.”

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When my father’s cell phone is dying and needs to be charged, it starts making a little jingle sound. For some reason, it takes hours for the battery to finally drain, which means if you don’t get to it, you hear that jingle for what feels like an eternity.

The first time I heard the noise was maybe three years ago, it was around midnight and I was the only one awake, which meant the house was completely silent. Suddenly I hear this faint electronic jingly chirping noise. Sort of a cross between a bell and electronic bird noise. At first I thought it was a smoke detector until I remembered those make a very loud high pitched beep you can hear three miles away, so I figured it must be one of Dad’s phones making the noise. He actually has two phones, his personal cell phone and the one his job gave him, so I assumed maybe he’d received a message on one of them.

I spent two full hours trying to figure out where the noise was coming from. Two! Hours!

Due to the echo, I couldn’t even figure out which room of the house the noise had been coming from. I found his work phone next to his recliner in the living room, and it was off, so obviously that wasn’t the culprit. The noise happened every five minutes, so I’d sit at my computer for about three minutes and then go stand in one spot to listen for the jingle-chirp to hear if it was any louder than before. If not, I’d go back to my computer for a few minutes and then try again in another spot. Eventually I pinpointed the noise was coming from my dad’s desk. His extremely cluttered desk covered in stacks of paperwork and all sorts of things. I sat in his chair and stayed there, listening for the noise, shifting piles of paper and opening drawers to try to find whatever was making that damn echoing noise that seemed to be coming from everywhere. I moved some items at the back of his desk and I unearthed his personal cell phone, which gave out yet another jingle-chirp while the battery signal flashed empty bars at me.

I’m not even kidding, it took two hours to finally discover what was making the sound. I will never understand how an allegedly dying phone can continue beeping at you for hours. All the phones I’ve ever owned, when the battery’s low or empty, I had maybe a minute to get it plugged in. At least with my current phone I have the option to see the battery percentage, it rarely gets below 10% before I plug it in to charge, but Dad’s phone is apparently magical because it takes at least two hours to completely die. Why didn’t the company reprogram it so the noise starts happening when the battery is seriously totally actually about to die? I’ll never know. I haven’t heard the sound since, Dad’s gotten in the habit of plugging his phones in every couple of days, but at least I’ll know what to look for if I ever hear it again.

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